I've been going through an old hard drive, where I discovered some videos I'd made between 2011-2013.  First there's the Genesis Caul video, composed of footage I took of myself while composing the Transcendental Black Metal manifesto.  Then there are several dialogues between different figures of the Ark Work:  Reign Array, Kel Valhaal, Haelegen, and one whom I haven't thought about for a while named CERN.   In 2013 I began learning computer animation, and made some videos of CGI characters overlaid upon video journal entries and rituals, with music.   Anyway, I made some decisions I regret towards the end of 2013 - which I'm working on a way to articulate - and one of my regrets is that this series got cut off.   I have to consider the video series as a failure - yet another failure in a series of exquisite failures - and treat them as such, as a sort of failure-material.   They can't be taken away, yet the absence of a continuous series cannot be erased.