These two have stood opposed ever since the collision of Platonism and revealed religion.  The solutions have always been to order these two modes of access to truth in some kind of rank or relationship - certain things can only be revealed, others must be cognized, so it's a category mistake to see them as opposed.  Or they are opposed, but one ultimately trumps the other - whatever.   


But now it is easy to see that faith simply is  reason.  Faith is reason all at once  .   Inasmuch as reason is active, autonomous and affective, it is simply a sort of locality within the fabric of faith.   Renunciation, transfiguration and love:  these are the highest operators of cognition. 


A reasoning capable of thinking all the way to the beginning and the end, situating the evolution of human life within the natural history of matter, and determining the precise nature of affect, habit and communication: all it is able to see is universal love