It is difficult to conceive of apocalypse seriously - not apocalypse as environmental catastrophe, but apocalypse as revelation.   It requires an engagement with sincere eschatology, even if it it not possible to engage in a completely sincere way.   I am especially interested in Moltmann right now.  Eschatology has to be thought of as something literal - not just the realization that the kingdom of god is already here or some reinscription of the idea into psychology or personal ethics.  The world is capable of it - the world is capable of anything at all.  So why not the best conceivable outcome?  That is the task for eschatology: to visualize and yearn for the most desirable outcome for humanity conceivable.  It is not completely obvious what this would be, but it would certainly be something that, although most people think it would be impossible, is not impossible - or rather its impossibility is the condition of its possibility