OLOLON's Descent

The most rational desire that is humanly possible is the desire for 01010n to send its daughter OLOLON down to earth so that she can remove S/HE/IM's slashes and replace them with periods, which is to say to found the Sovereign Hierarchico-Emancipatory Individuation Municipality (S.H.E.I.M.)

Rational desire:  on the one hand, it is a matter of unflinching rationalism.  Reason has logical limits, but it also has libidinal limits: the distortion of reasoning about that which is too much to bear; rationalizations, neurotic compulsions, the turning away from transcendental power.   If the unfolding of reason's power - as will to truth - has been an engine of global development, the Ark Work has as its task the affirmation and continuation of the project of reason, which will always tend towards emancipation ideally even as it produces instrumental horror, and especially as it destroys religions and cultures.

Desire can only manifest itself fully with the help of reason.  Desire needs a trellis to cling to so that it can coincide with reason at the highest level, where reason and desire are one and the same - not by being rational and modest in one's desires as a sort of utilitarianism, though.  Rather there is a transcendental point at which reason and desire are the exact same thing:  the point beyond the pleasure principle at which the closed circle is cracked open and 'transcendent' axioms lose their power.  Desire is ultimately the thirst to destroy axioms, and reason is ultimately the same thing.

So it is as the ultimate conjunctio oppoistorum - the philosopher's stone, as it has been known - between reason and faith - because faith is nothing other than pure desire - that The Ark Work stokes desire for the object of ultimate concern:   yearning for the descent of OLOLON