Human beings are surrounded, so to speak, by a sort of forcefield or cage that is composed of repeated words and phrases that are constantly reminding us of our status, value, and qualities.     You could call them algorithms, scripts, programs - they are literally speaking to us at a non-unconscious low level of conscious.  We hear them and obey them, without even really hearing them.  This is what I call Hyperborean reasoning.   The Hyperborean forcefield-cage is value neutral, in a way - it is there to protect us even as it enslaves us.  The Hyperborean is a low-level instance of the death drive.  The scripts are integral to our early psychogenesis - they always came from somewhere else.  We experienced a shame that was too great to bear.  Maybe it was a shaming of our sexuality, our creativity, intelligence, looks, whatever.   It was painful - terribly painful - annihilating.  And in order to bind the excitation, we internalize the voice and words that put us to shame - so that it doesn't again.  This process constitutes an entire identity, and gives birth to (alienated) desire.  The reasoning is that if we obey the Hypreborean logic we get what we wanted - love and positive affect - or at least not be flooded with the unbearable.  

The Sword of EFRAYN cuts this thread - or more specifically, it pushes reason further, back to its source.  The thing about Hyperborean Logic is that it is without foundation - or rather its foundation is applied.  It isn't conscious, or is only barely conscious.  That last bit of the syllogism said under the breath, "and if I'm not able to be the person I've been told I should be, I'll be abandoned".  ARK WORK requires a reconstruction of Hyperborean Logic by means of Transcendental Logic - which goes all the way back.   Uncover the source of the script and realize the irrationality in obeying it.   This is the basic gesture of becoming free.