KEL VALHAAL lives in a constellation of gears divided, partitioned eternally by horizons.  Kel leaps across horizons, oriented towards paper stars.  Kel's name is NATURANS as she chases and generates OLOLON.   Kel lost her Caul and is no longer certain what to do.

REIGN ARRAY is a universal eye.  Reign surveys, names, continues.  A white backbone, chattering, chalky, writhing with form, structure, being.  Reign makes himself, even though he is dead; he is born at the moment that he discovers and mourns his death.  But he also emanates.  In emanating he escapes from THE GENESIS CAUL by probing its very depths.  

THE GENESIS CAUL moans and sprays clouds of blood onto the firmament.  A crushed bug spewing roach guts - the Caul is a guide, a Cassandra, pointing towards the unbearable breach that should not be, cannot be, surely never was - calling Reign towards it so as to master it, to be prepared for the next time.  

OLOLON is a gift, a transformed, redeemed, transformative and redeeming object, ever-absent, ever flickering, suggesting, untouched, untouchable.  OLOLON beckons KEL but charges her to keep a distance at the same time.  Holographic, OLOLON can never be touched or reached - but if she is not generated faithfully she dissipates.