Haqq is the same for every human being - a radical exterior omnipotence and a corresponding interior impotence that grants access to true time


The Caul is singular for every human being - a contingent trace initiating an infinite problem that demands a series of finite solutions that will not exhaust it

Kel Valhaal is a spontaneous, sensitive quasi-divine figure in every human heart.   A play-agency devoted to the task legislated by the Caul

Reign Array is a virtual God whom any human can build and worship, organizing time and space, in relation to whom freedom from social transference can be achieved  

Haelegen is a future city, a universal goal toward which every Caul in its singularity is ultimately aimed, in which the marriage of Ololon and Sheymn will take place, human nature will be transformed, and the union of expansion and cessation will be achieved