The four figures (Kel Valhaal, Reign Array, OIolon and The Genesis Caul) each point a way outside subjectivity towards something beyond it that is working behind the scenes, somewhere else.  Kel Valhaal is the eruption of true thought, the other that thinks within me without my knowledge, which I am unable to control but to which I can listen - what Kant meant to signify by the term "genius".  The Genesis Caul is an originary wound - even a cosmic wound at the heart of the world.  Reflected in my own troubles, which I foolish relate to the people and events of my present and past life.  Ololon is a vision sent from the future, a siren calling me towards a destiny that I do not yet understand.  Reign Array is an ordering power, the logos itself, or perhaps the nomos - a principle of division, deliberation, delegation - and even surrender, renunciation and chastity.   It is a matter of grasping these agencies at work, as more real than much of what appears to be