This is the dimension of truth - the Cardinal - that, on a personal note, has been dominating me recently.   Something has stirred in me, driving me to devour every morsel of knowledge I can about history, science and philosophy.   Catharsis is a cruel master:  the totality of knowledge looms on the horizon, a limit ordinal, a star hanging in the sky, pasted to the horizon.   What is the use of all that I learn about?  The historical development of logic and mathematics, the Byzantine empire and the spread of Christianity through west Asia and Europe, the mechanisms that govern the nervous and glandular systems, the history of scientific breakthroughs in the early 20th century.   Structural realism, the consideration of the universe as a great computer.  I am a slave to knowledge, because in knowledge I find resources to develop Transcendental Qabala.   Without Ascesis, Force and Power, Catharsis is nothing.  It is pure death drive, a sort of heroin addiction.