I have enumerated Four Cardinals of the Ark Work: Ascesis, Catharsis, Force and Power.   These apply just as much to Transcendental Qabala, Transcendental Black Metal and Aesthethics.  Cosmogony at the cosmic level is perhaps hypothetical, but at the human level it is simply a fact:  Four Cardinals were born, because of suffering and wonder.   What is cosmogony, after all, if not a yearning-thought that says "there must be something more".  

The Four Cardinals were originally a single cardinal.   It is only the unfolding of history that has separated them out as four distinct operations or fields.  What they share, though, is that they go 'beyond the pleasure principle', which is to say they go beyond representation and ordinary intuition.  They go beyond the reality that appears natural, yet is unbearable.  

Ascesis:  there is a real world that we cannot see - but by disciplining our senses and emotions, we can come to see it.  This has to do with attachment and so on

Catharsis:  there is a real world that we cannot see - but we can access it by reasoning.   In the case of science this takes the form of mathematical physics and so on, and in the case of psychotherapy it takes the form of symbolic articulation of the source of the symptom.  

Force:  there is a real world that we cannot see - but we can bring it into the light of day if we fight for it.  This is the real of political emancipation and artistic innovation: always an attack on received wisdom.

Power:  this is the real of charisma, of creation ex-nihilo.  In a way this isn't really about a real world that is invisible - it is the real of visibility itself.   It organizes the order and rank of the visible world, and it wins hearts, it is the real of love.  

It seems to me that these four fundamental fields or operations presuppose an originary torsion that gives rise to them.  You could say that the torsion is phenomenological:  "something isn't right"