"In the beginning - there never was any beginning, but let it pass.  We've got to make a start somehow.  In the very beginning of all things, time and space and cosmos and being, in the beginning of all these was a little living creature.  But I don't even know if it was little.  In the beginning was a living creature, its plasm quivering and its life-pulse throbbing.  This little creature died, as little creatures always do.  But not before it had had young ones.  When the daddy creature died, it fell to pieces.  And that was the beginning of the cosmos.  Its little body fell down to a speck of dust, which the young ones clung to because they must cling to something.  Its little breath flew asunder, the hotness and brightness of the little beast - I beg your pardon, I mean the radiant energy from the corpse flew away to the right hand, and seemed to shine warm in the air, while the clammy energy from the body flew away to the left hand, and seemed dark and cold.  And so the first little master was dead and done for, and instead of his little living body there was a speck of dust in the middle, which became the earth, and on the right hand was a brightness which became the sun, rampaging with all the energy that had come out of the dead little master, and on the left hand a darkness which felt like an unrisen moon.  And that was how the Lord created the world.  Except that I know nothing about the Lord, so I shouldn't mention it. 

     But I forgot the soul of the little master.  It probably did a bit of flying as well - and then came back to the young ones.  It seems most natural that way.  

     Which is my account of the Creation.  And I mean by it, that Life is not and never was anything but living creatures.  That's what life is and will be, just living creatures, no matter how large you make the capital L.  Out of living creatures the material cosmos was made: out of the death of living creatures when their little living bodies fell dead and fell asunder into all sorts of matter and forces and energies, sun, moons, stars and worlds.  So you got the universe.  Where you got the living creature from, that first one, don't ask me.  He was just there.  But he was a little person with a soul of his own.  He wasn't Life with a capital L. "