Are humans able to directly access absolute reality?    The answer could be no: we are locked inside whatever transcendental horizon we inhabit.   It could be yes: by engaging in ascetic discipline or partaking in aesthetic experience of some kind, we develop a sort of spiritual organ that can touch, commune with and apprehend the absolute.   Or maybe no - there is no absolute reality anyway.  Or maybe yes, but it can only be apprehended by mathematized thought - not a spiritual organ.     


Whatever answer one chooses, it is always a wager, a conviction that cannot be justified by reference to an external criterion.    And the question always persists.  Or not?  In fact,

one who has come to feel they know the absolute become quite certain that their knowledge is true.  We can say, at the very least, that this knowledge will always face antagonism upon being communicated, however.   Once it becomes intersubjective, it becomes a wager