The first thought: not 'why is there something rather than nothing', nor 'why this rather than something else', not even 'why is something wrong'.  These thoughts are posterior to the true first thought, which cannot be posited as a question any more than as a statement.  It could be loosely formulated as:   'It differs from the way it seems it should be'. 

This is the highest degree of immanence available to thought, but nevertheless it itself is not perfectly immanent (and therefore thought cannot be perfectly immanent).  The thought presupposes value, appearance and negation, none of which it can precisely define (at first) - which is to say, thought is the negative image of MUSIC, without which it has no motivation.  This means that the most abstract definition of music as such is: 'the way it seems it should be'. 

The best way to rephrase the thought of Renihilation in question form is: 'Why is there something that isn't music?'