Attachment and detachment.  The fundamental, primordial religious gesture is the identification of attachment with falsehood and endorsement of detachment as truth.   It is possible to love God: a nothingness within libidinal space, invisible and eternal.   God is a substitute for all the existing and subject-to-decay ontic entities from which we've detached.   


It it is worth noting that there are different ways   of being attached, as explicated in the theory of attachment developed by Mary Ainsworth an others.   The four basic types are secure, ambivalent, dissociative and disorganized (which actually correspond pretty neatly with Lacan's four discourses:  master, hysteric, obsessive/university and psychotic/analyst).   These are formed in the context of early relationships with caretakers, and they are very difficult to change (though it is possible to "earn" a secure attachment). 


In any case, the only object worthy of desire is the void, whose name is OLOLON.  We can bracket for a moment whether she exists in any space other than the libidinal one.   


But actually there is another object worthy of desire, although a better word that desire might be "gnosis" or perhaps "faith".  This is the Genesis Caul, that which has been variously theorized as phantasm, fantasy and delirium.   This is the impossible, a contingent source of pain, a kind of beginning of a sentence that one is bound by destiny to finish.