I am interested in marking the gradual development of a body of thought/music/art.   I built this website a few months ago, but it has been difficult to post as freely as I was intending to.  The main reason, I think, to be candid, is that the release of my Kel Valhaal album went so badly.   Pitchfork absolutely eviscerated it (and me).  After that, hardly any other review websites would touch it.   As much as I'd like to not take something like that so seriously - the review was so cruel and shaming that it made me question the validity of my entire project.   It seems almost as though the more I make my work explicit... ah, why even finish this thought.  In any case, I have a shockingly strange and toxic relationship to the music industry, such as it is.  There are political forces at work in that, and the injustice is truly jaw dropping - both the torrents of scorn over the fact that I include a dramatic and philosophic dimension to my music, and for the lack of credit given to me for some of the most innovative, emotional and relevant music of the past five years (and that credit being given to various other artists whom I've influenced instead).   It's almost as though the former, which is so odd, is a way of drawing attention away from the latter.  

Anyway, I write this post under the ENDEAVOR heading (Im changing the name from ENTERPRISE to ENDEAVOR), because the point of these headings is basically that they are arcana for me to return to - and this is the one I need most currently.  What is an endeavor?   It is a faith-procedure.    I wish I could tear the concept of faith away from both religion and continental philosophy.  There is a kernel of faith-reality that can only be experienced and acted.  As soon as it is either deified or secularized it somehow loses its luster.  

There are TWO agents of any endeavor.  Reign Array and Kel Valhaal.  Reign Array provides the work and Kel Valhaal provides the grace.  Reign Array is the piston, Kel Valhaal is the steam.  The Ark only exists if effort in its name is able to continue to generate it.   Reign Array is always proactive and Kel Valhaal is always retroactive.  These are the dynamics of transcendental law.