There is always a window of time within which one must act if one is to act authentically.  Something takes place, something that disrupts the ordinary state of things, and a response is called for - before one has had time to rationalize, because rationalizing would lead to a conclusion that sustains the ordinary state of things - putting off the the act until a new day and justifying this choice.  The difference between following through with such an act (without authorization from any person or system) and not doing so is extremely palpable and concrete -  the former leans towards the transcendental and the latter leads towards the hyperborean.   Which is to say - the Act, if it takes place within the transcendental window, opens up the possibility of a Scene (a world of consequences, opportunities and prohibitions defined by the Act), a Stage (a threshold beyond which the Scene no longer makes sense, but to which it has a concrete connection) and a Motive (an underlying world which both fulfills and annihilates the Scene as soon as it emerges).