I just reviewed an earlier post in the ‘Endeavor’ series and noticed a formulation I’d spontaneously made and had forgotten - that Kel Valhaal is retroactive and Reign Array is proactive.    The two must work together if an endeavor is to take place:  a spieltrieb-shaped open ended quest that is made sense of only at the end of the series by a punctuation mark, together with an explicit goal-oriented project that proceeds by reasoning and negotiation.  Both of these must be animated by faith; neither of them should submit to laws imposed from the outside.   Why is every modern philosopher so hell-bent on privileging Reign over Kel or vice versa, positing one as a friend and the other as an enemy, or one as real and the other illusory?  It’s because when God’s light is occluded from philosophy, there’s no longer a real criterion for justice, and philosophy has to fold in on itself, waging fruitless polemics against idealism or materialism as the case may be.