It’s always a little difficult to start writing in the RSS feed again when I take a break or start doing it less often.   I’ve been working on a longer text that is meant to consolidate or punctuate the current form of Transcendental Qabala - and as a result I’m not posting much of what I’m writing.   I much prefer the ongoing work of exposing little flashes to an audience immediately; something in me atrophies just a little if what I’m thinking isn’t shared.   What precisely atrophies?  It’s the system itself; its shape becomes less clear to me, its energy level goes down.   The system is an entity   with moving parts, degrees of power, economic forces, etc, and it is capable of sickness and health, strength and weakness.  There are seven or eight insights swirling in my head, but I can’t choose one; I don’t quite know where to place them.  I don’t have access to my system right now; I’m outside of it, not strong enough for it.  Maybe it isn’t the system atrophying; maybe it’s me.