The four ideals or Gends governing the city of Haelegen are sovereignty, hierarchy, emancipation and individuation. 


Sovereignty is the ideal of being perfectly autonomous and self-generating.  Human culture emerged from nature, but it does not need to depend on it in principle.   We came from a wound, but we are not limited in principle to merely being a scab.   We can imagine sovereignty, even though we do not yet know how to achieve it. 

Hierarchy is the ideal of function, use, cooperation and achievement in the name of an ideal.   A non-hierarchical structure falls prey to the heteronomous sources of desire that are antithetical to sovereignty.  Hierarchy unites fantasmatic energies so that synergistic becoming is achieved.   The angels desire with perfect coordination.

Emancipation is the ideal of becoming-free of particularities.   In particular it highlights  the distinction between bondage and freedom and represents a permanent passage between the two - the discovery of freedom, the insight.

Individuation is the ideal of perseverance across the life span of particular human beings - a coming to fruition followed by a casting aside of earlier stages of fruition.  It entails respect and affirmation for contingencies that appear in the process of hierarchical becoming, so that autonomy continues to expand outwards.


Some day we will live in a Municipality governed only by these four laws