The Church of OIOION

The Church of OIOION: a unified music-drama-philosophy project sustaining a state of awareness that the world does not need to be the way that it currently is.  The music must explore the deadlock between the classical tradition, rock music and club culture, producing a state of simultaneously material and cultural intensity that is well-ordered.  The philosophy must explore the deadlock between the contemporary continenta and analytic traditions, together with the deadlock between the modern dogma of secularism and the dogmatic theology from which it sprang. In doing so, this philosophy must create dangerous new values and concepts that are precise and clear yet challenge accepted discourse, arriving at a vision of a new city governed by new laws.  The drama must explore the deadlock between the entertainment industry, the artworld and history itself (this latter encompassing both ancient myth and the capacity to generate a history as such), which is Arkwork, and activity in the name of Haelegen, the city of OIOION.