Force climbs up jaws that are made of teeth.  Force reaches out to the wind and ties together the incompossible.  Force assassinates.  The truth of force is always assassination.  Force is merciless, even in its holiness.   Force desacralizes.  It lays waste to everything, even the most secure foundations.  This is just one kind of truth - one of four.  There are four Cardinals of Truth:  Ascesis, Catharsis, Force and Power.  How much confusion has there been over the nature of truth?  But there is not one truth, nor are there two.  There are four.  And force is perhaps the form of truth that reigns supreme in 2016 - at least in some sectors of the world.   The Four Cardinals ought to be coordinated, because each has its own unique deficiency.  Force does not mean very much on its own.  It can mean something, to a degree, for a while, for certain people.   Take the example of an underground music scene.  There is something about these areas where new, as-yet-unnamed styles are forming - in unmarked spaces, basements, warehouses.  But the value is always fleeting.  It is always tragic - it always comes to a tragic end.  Is that the most we can expect?  If the Four Cardinals, which are four modes of emancipation, could be coordinated, perhaps a lasting emancipation could be achieved.   Ascesis:  the truth of ego-death.  Catharsis: the truth of compression or ultimate expression.  Force:  illegal truth.  Power:  the truth of the master.  There seems to be a promise of the possibility of coordination between these four Cardinals

[at the time of this post, and the preceding one, Fervor was named Force]