Creative impulses carry with them the uncanny suggestion that they come from the future.   There is a peculiar sense of justice that surges up during a creative process involving arriving at what the work was supposed to be all along.   I find this to be the case especially with writing music and poetry, but also to some degree with discursive writing.   Just keep pushing, keep wandering in the desert, and something will be coughed up that will make sense of everything that’s been produced so far.   It’s as though something has already happened in the future and my creative experience is simply an inverted ripple effect.    Maybe this is a platitude, but if we’re to take it seriously it calls the nature of time into question.   Based on experience alone, my belief is that time flows both forwards and backwards - there are two currents of time.   Reign Array is the figure of the forward flow of time, an active principle.  Kel Valhaal is the figure of its backward flow, which is not so much passive as spontaneous and inherently uncanny.   The Cardinal of Fervor privileges the latter, but the latter can only really be activated by the former.