It is possible to shape oneself in any way -  to be more compassionate, more sociable, more disciplined an a particular skill, or simply to do no shaping at all and allow one's "plant" to grow in whatever way it will.   It depends on the selection of a trellis and consistent application of its form.  When engaged in this activity, one without fail ends up crossing thresholds into unforeseen new powers.    

In a basic way, Hyperborean law is the forgetting of this fact.   It is the law legislating that obstacles, flaws, enemies and ideals are absolute and pre-constituted (which is not true.  Anything that seems to have solid existence is serving some purpose as power or fantasy) 


But there's a little more to it - Hyperborean law is also a desire  for these absolutes.   And the desire is affect-independent.   The gentle soft joy with which the Christian evangelical cherishes family values is strictly homologous to the masochistic torment driving the heroin addict