The Hyperborean is love's retreat from Aesthethica to a lower intensity, where it attaches itself to false idols.  Angst does not lie, but everything else does.  Hyperborean attachment links angst and hope to ontic situations and beings:  to rivals, figures from my past, hoped-for outcomes.  The fact is, the apparent world is an illusion - in a very precise sense.   When I blame others for my misfortunes, I am deluded.  When I place my hopes in others, I am deluded.  The same goes for circumstances.  When I expect to be taken care of and told what to do, I am deluded.  When I expect to be obeyed and honored, I am deluded.  My narratives about the past are delusions, and so are the coordinates according to which I plan the future.   My beliefs about the way I appear to others are false.   And if I cling to these things, then I am in a state of evil:  the Hyperborean.  

The Haelegen is the one who practices Aesthethics and lives according to Transcendental Law.  Haelegen sees only Gends and Lieyethe.   The Love of Haelegen is self-sustaining and self-organizing.  It is not related to an outside - neither to any inadequacy nor any rule or specific goal.   The experience of shifting from the Hyperborean plane to the Transcendental plane is quite palpable.  It is always accompanied by an, "Ah, yes, I remember!".  

But how does the passage from the Hyperborean to the Transcendental take place?  It requires vows:  Surrender, Renunciation and Chastity, along with Repentance and Devotion.   Surrender:  I renounce control and I depose myself as supposed master of my destiny.  I strip my desire away from the illusion of sovereignty.  Renunciation:  I renounce what I own and believe I depend on, opening myself to abundance that would not be available to me were I clinging to what I already have - I strip my desire away from the illusion of dependence.  Chastity:  I renounce projects and even people to whom I am not wholly committed - directing all my effort towards creative becoming.  I refuse to sate my desires prematurely, to absorb reflected light.   Devotion:  I attach my love primarily to a glowing void before whom I am utterly alone, drawing all of my resources from this void.  Repentance:  I recognize, cherish and acknowledge my failures, clearing them away.

These practices are required, really, for Adaptation, Apocalypse and Endeavor to even be possible - these latter three are in part spontaneous.   They happen on their own, once the Hyperborean has been cleared away - although they require effort to maintain as well.