The stress, anxiety and depression endemic to post-Fordist capitalism aka the Varizenic Armistice are not mere side effects; they are functional, active nodes of oppression.  They generate Hyperborean consciousness and reasoning, they sculpt the social field, combing away all residue of agency, dignity and true independence (aka felt dependence on the absolute transcendence of HAQQ).    Hyperborean consciousness is an inability to solve problems, or a fallacious and limited ability to solve problems only at a low level on a chain of reasoning without having time to consider whether attention to these problems serves the solution to higher, more important ones.   This is what makes the consumer-expressor indoctrinated with Varizenic values so passive even when he feels very active.    The inability to enjoy the vigor of true ascesis is a mark of abuse  and subjection .   The oppression waged against the relatively affluent white collar / no dress code precariat is cognitive above all else, and  identification of mental health problems with neurology, the family or illegal substances, rather than with the infection of collective will by the Varizenic structure, is textbook ideological mystification.


Freedom is consciousness of one’s absolute dependence on HAQQ, which unfolds as ability to exercise the Adactive, Apocalyptic and Endeavoring organs at a high level of intensity in the name of OIOION, making use of whatever contingencies HCSC produce through the cooperative labor of Kel Valhaal and Reign Array