It would perhaps be possible to naturalize-without-undermining the concept of grace when we consider it in relationship to habit.  The instauration of a new power - this is surely something that feels divine.  There is a period of trial - requiring faith - according to Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan it is 40 days.  Alcoholics Anonymous pegs it at more like 90.  And then:  grace.  After faith, hope and tribulation, the habit gets up and stands on its own two legs.  And from there, it only gets better and better - onwards towards excellence, magnificence.  There is a real joy in exercising a capacity - any capacity whatever - and likewise it is very difficult to find joy in any capacity that is not well exercised.  Thus we arrive at the notion of HYPERTROPHY as Ethics.  Reign Array provides the structure for repetition, Kel Valhaal provides the grace.  

It should be underscored, however, as always, that POWER is only one of four cardinals.   More so than perhaps any of the other three, POWER in isolation is evil:  its ultimate endpoint is totalitarianism and cruelty.  It has to be exercised in coordination with ASCESIS, CATHARSIS and FORCE