Power is the mode of truth that is associated with victory: the victory of a transcendental, so that something that was originally a created, fragile, flawed idea attains the status of a  presupposition.   Power is the truth that is the way of the world.  It requires work, faith, relationships, recognition, compromises, deals.   The interesting thing about power - one of the interesting things, anyway - is that it tends to disappear behind that which it sustains.  Power is the truth of visibility, but its own power is not visible.   This invisibility is not simply an accidental feature of power, either - it is constitutive.  Invisibility is a necessary condition of the functioning of power.  If power is seen, it loses its power.  Power only maintains its power if it appears as though what power sustains simply sustains itself, or is sustained for some reason other than the existence of the power that actually sustains it, or is simply natural.  As soon as power is recognized, it loses its power.