Majesty differs from Ascesis in that the latter proceeds according to traditional spiritual laws, while Majesty respects no law.  It differs from Catharsis in that Catharsis proceeds by way of conceptual incision, while Majesty refuses all concepts.    It differs from Fervor because Fervor proceeds according to the flesh, while Majesty has no body.   Majesty is the logic of no-logic.  It pertains to whatever is new, radical, avant-garde, the transgression of all logics, all moralities.  As soon as thought adjusts itself to make room for Majesty, Majesty had moved on.  It cuts to the quick.   We can identify Majesty with the "true vine" - the nexus of art, psychoanalysis, music, experimental lifestyle that has been produced by European and American cultural  elites and countercultural formations in the past 100 years.  Driven by irrational, contradictory notions about justice and freedom, self-destructive and irresponsible, nevertheless seeming to carry aspects of the message of Christ more rigorously and authentically than Christianity itself has ever been able to.  

But it is not just transgressive - it is noble and proud, and it dominates.  It sets the agenda, it influences.    It scorns what is base, what is beneath it, in the name of taste more than anything else, though with a sense of justice, purity, a mission that it cannot articulate.  Majesty is glorious, the creation of a new star that guides and illuminates.  

We cannot use a frame of reference to define it - it simply cannot be known in this way.  We can only describe it from a distance, create a space for it, acknowledge that it surpasses our attempts to articulate its nature. 


RENIHILATION has to synthesize Majesty with Ascesis, Catharsis and Fervor, a tetra-logic that synthesizes spiritual arcana, differential becoming, conceptual negativity and an 'x' that escapes capture by these three. 

It is only then that it is possible to give a robust account of Cosmogony (the seven Armistices), Metaphysics (the four Alimonies), Deontology/Aesthethics (the nature of God, humanity and freedom) and Eschatology (vision of Haelegen / S.H.E.I.M. as a posthuman kingdom of heaven)  - making use of these four logics as opposed frames of reference while at the same time giving an account of their genesis