Intellect and intuition seem to be two opposed faculties, and it may be that they are correlated to an objective, metaphysical, macrocosmic opposition that has the same character. Striation versus the smooth, matter versus the ideal, masculine versus the feminine. As soon as the intellect and the intuition are distinguished from one another, it is possible to imagine this distinction collapsing to produce “intellectual intuition”. This would be, perhaps, a mode of knowledge that is ‘intellectual’ in the sense that it does not involve the external senses, but ‘intuitive’ in that it forms a gist, a total picture, a kind of emotional grasp, all at once (rather than a system of concepts with distinctions and properties). An awakened being is perhaps capable of achieving this state of mind - and perhaps there have been many such beings in history. But, more speculatively, perhaps a permanent merger between these two faculties is possible for society as a whole.