These are two levels of heaven.  How to distinguish them?  OIOION is that which is utterly beyond comprehension - beyond materialism, beyond phenomenology, beyond perhaps even mystical apprehension.   I can't be sure that it really is beyond mystical apprehension, however, because I am not an ascetic and I don't know what it's like to really "experience" whatever happens during samadhi etc. 


we can suppose that OIOION has the highest actuality.  Surely she is omnipotent (though perhaps she obeys the principle of non-contradiction).   She may very well also be omniscient in a way that our finite knowing cannot conceive, but which is analogical to it (and which we will perhaps be capable of one day achieving using computers - I see no reason to suppose that just because we can't concieve her omniscience currently, we are doomed to never be able to) 


And we can suppose that she is in any case beyond both substance and thought.  OIOION is not extended, nor does she crystallize.  By the same token, she is beyond being and becoming.   And perhaps she is even beyond nothingness.


In some sense, though, OIOION is surely an Act  .  She had to make a choice.  If the universe runs on a particular, determinate code - who chose the code?   If the code is not determinate (if it is a tautology), then it explains nothing.  If it is determinate, it had to be chosen from among alternatives.  Maybe OIOION made that choice.   


ANANON is perhaps simply the code.  ANANON is Renihilation, the negativity with which everything is shot through.  ANANON is the world of difference, antagonism and becoming.    


Are OIOION and ANANON really different?  It is hard to be sure.   But it is worth supposing that ANANON is contingent as a 'whole', if only because we are not justified in presupposing it