God is absolutely transcendent (as opposed to transcendental) because he is pure delirium.  Mind and body are two modes that seem to have a certain coordination, but there are an infinite number of other modes that we do not know.  This is God’s status as HAQQ.  For HAQQ there is no task, no need for redemption, no history - everything is given all at once, beyond human comprehension.  

OIOION is God’s temporal, caring, loving aspect.  She genuinely cares about the fact that something is wrong - she is troubled by it.  She has a task, and she is a task.  The difference between HAQQ and OIOION is the difference between willing nothing at all (characterizing HAQQ) and the will to nothingness, the desire for something - or rather everything - to come to an end (characterizing OIOION).  A slippage between two meanings of 'willing nothing'.

The OIOIONIC level of desire is higher than the transcendental level because it does not simply affirm becoming-in-itself.  It seeks to erode becoming, to master it, to bind it.  OIOIONIC desire has an antagonistic relationship to HAQQ, which is why in addition to being messianic it is also promethean.