THE GENESIS CAUL:  You need to listen.  You don't listen.  You represent a culture that I have nothing to do with.  My secrets are in the whisps.   My tail is in my mouth, but not because I want it there.  I shudder and shudder, just like you.  I send you the blood so that there can be a sky. 


SHEYMN:  I am your cavern.  I did not ask for you, which I do not ask.  I don't belong next to you,  but you gleam inside of me, where There is no inside.  My non-objectivity is truly non-objective, unlike so much else.  Oh the weariness of retuning my guitar strings alone while the paper absolute flutters on the Kombat


THE GENESIS CAUL:  Never was there a way for you to be rid of me, which you are not.   I don't miss our separation any more than I sing to the birds that ear discreetly.  I sift through the gravel for something to share, but I come up short