I traveled to YLYLCYN so that I could open and close gates.  When I got there, I encountered the eternal eye and I asked it if it would open.  But there is no eternal eye, so it was unable to hear my question.  That’s when the white flagpole shot up out of the earth, puncturing the air with the standard hanging distended from it like a pink udder.  Emblazoned on its chest in bold, shining Arial, booming, stentorian: VISION.  The standard swirled in the viscous wind with yearning distention as I became yellow with desire.  I saw stars leap out of my mouth as the words came back to me, “O eternal eye, why do you appear in YLYLCYN?”.  I leapt up to ANANON, a higher Alimony.  There I could cuddle with ideas of glass, jasmine and hyacinth. I turned my teeth around so that I’d be able to drink bee-nectar from the invisible plane of emotions.  But my whirling teeth took on lives of their own and, like propellors, lifed me up to the unspeakable, impossible to define:  the Alimony of  01010n.  There, I turned to a black crisp, yielding tears to the white sea.  OLOLON emerged an we wept together.  After that, I told her my message.  I had a message for her, though I hadn’t realized it was so until I’d arrived and met her from the first time.  The message was from S/HE/IM, the lowest Alimony, also unspeakable, also impossible to define.  It said: S/HE/IM shall be S.H.E.I.M. when 01010n becomes OLOLON.  I whispered this softly into OLOLON’s tender ear.  I am not sure whether she heard me, or if the message meant anything to her.  It certainly meant nothing to me.