I haven't thought much about the arcanum of THE ARK for a little while.  Some times I wonder if it's the best word for what I'm trying to describe.   An important aspect of Transcendental Qabala is its syncretism - it ties together the 'western' traditions of art, thought, and music that are tethered to the birth and development of science - but does not neglect aspects of thought and practice from India and Asia.   Does the name "Ark" have too much of a Judeo-Christian ring to it?   I could say more on this topic, but I'll leave off for now.  

My intention was to write about decision.  The Ark can only be attested by a decision.  It can only organize desire and activity if it is decided upon, but the only way for it to be decided upon is for activity to be carried out in its name; faith and works are mutually dependent, in other words.  This brings us to the question of WILL.  Sometimes I wonder if there would be any such thing as will were there not shame and fear to block its path.  Is there any such thing as will? Does it have any positive characteristics? Is it able to ‘decide’ at all?  Is will anything other than time in the absence of shame?