"Ark" as such, minus any article, signifies a type of creation that is like  art but is intrinsically higher.     The creation of a world as such, activity that is not demiurgic but properly divine.   This is the oldest task for culture and also the only task left.  It is the hermetic philosopher's stone - a union of intellect and intuition spontanously generating form and matter. It can indifferently be identified with the highest use of reason or with a field beyond reason: the sefira Daath, which is also called Ololon

It also must be understood as the task of giving rise to something beyond the human.  Continental thought since the death of God has taken up this task, always effacing its ancient origins in the name of powerful  rhetoric and always wagering that it must be carried out either as one of the two extremes - an acephalic or poetic irrationalism, or a supreme rationalism -  tracing it back to an event within history (1968, the industrial revolution, the enlightenment, Christ, ...).  These events were all stages in The Ark Work, but its founding event is simply the birth of history as such.   History here could perhaps be understood as a torsion between acephalic cosmic acceleration and the rise of an agency capable of self-reflection and -cultivation.   If this is true, we can posit that to allow nature to run its course (as capitalism qua the highest degree of the death drive) is evil as such, and the triumph of reason over the logic of death is the good itself.  This task has the character of an impossibility that is simultaneously a necessity.   It would seem, though, that while it is important that the task engage the sciences and the accumulation of human knowledge, at the same time it must recognize the exteriority of life/death to thought and its ineluctable power.  Thought can't win against death on its own - it has to seduce and master the life/death on which it rides, like a horse.  (Cf. the arcanum of Force in Tomberg's Meditations on the Tarot  ) How? The theory of Perichoresis sets out to solve this problem.