The Urizenic armistice was oriented towards the One.  But Urizen died and at the same time gave birth to a still-born child.  A son?  It is hard to be sure of the gender.  This child is hardly alive - indeed it is not alive at all.  But it moves, it cares, it needs.  It is not stable.  It expands and writhes.  It seeks stimulation above all else, and yet it cannot bear the full amount of stimulation that it seeks.  This is its tantalizing situation - all its wants is more, but what it wants is too much for it to handle.   But - and maybe this is the more essential point - it has no well-developed and time-tested apparatus for reaching its goal.  It is already so close - too close, closer than it even realizes, although it does dimly realize it, at times, but only partially.  And it always forgets, anyhow.  At times it sees with utter lazer-sharp lucidity.  But only for a few moments at a time.  The Vorizenic Armistice - slavery to the Many