Starting with the present armistice - the war between liberal multiculturalism and various kinds of religious fundamentalisms and the concomitant misappropriation of industrial power that characterizes the present - we unveil the FOUR FIELDS of TRANSCENDENTAL QABALA in four abductive steps.  

1.  Secular multiculturalism must recognize its disavowed roots in protestant Christianity, particularly the Unitarian Transcendentalism of the 19th century emblematized by R.W. Emerson.  The ideals of universal freedom, equality and peace are not absolutes: they are contingent human creations.  The association with Christianity is hard to swallow for many on the left, but the alternative is to have ungrounded or falsely grounded ideals.  This establishes the FIELD of COSMOGONY:  we learn where we came from.  

2.  While continuing to reject all dogmatic and religious doctrines, we re-connect to certain existential aspects of religious life and experience that have true universal applicability.  Drawing from the three "divine virtues" of faith, hope and love, we develop and utilize the ethical categories of Adaptation, Apocalypse and Endeavor as a sort of trinitarian cybernetic engine that sustains itself and develops in the name of emancipation.  We propose that the arena of musical, artistic and intellectual culture is where these modes of being can flourish.   This is the FIELD of DEONTOLOGY

3.  We seek out the absolute truth that the hard and social sciences have to offer about the nature of ecology, subjectivity, biology so as to ground and also to update and refine the ethical recommendations developed in DEONTOLOGY, so as to over and over again refuse dogma and bigotry.  We call this the FIELD of METAPHYSICS

4.  Finally, we establish clear ideas about the next stage in human history, or rather the self-overcoming of the human.  We seek to articulate what the most desirable actually possible outcome would be for the currently living members of the human race, and then seek to transmit awareness of this possibility as a live option that would require coordinated industrial effort in coordination with divine awareness:  ESCHATOLOGY.