The Ark Work is posited as having begun in 1776.   Or should we say, the "second wave" of the Ark Work, during which its major identifiable characteristics were developed, arose at this time - even if certain other characteristics are as old as ancient Egypt (or are effectively eternal). 


Incredulity towards all seemingly-natural absolutes is one key characteristic.   Religious dogmas, ethical norms, prevailing cultural trends, phenomenological horizons - these are all absorbed and discarded, refused in the name of a blinding, white-hot, universal negativity: Renihilation. This negativity also calls itself into question, of course, but apparently only intensifies itself in doing so.


Ark Work, the work of Renihilation, disrupts, short-circuits and adulterates everything in its path.  And yet Renihiliation itself is driven by a certain ‘positivity’, even if sometimes this is disavowed, which is named Endeavor. Ark Work in its Endeavoring aspect continues along its path, guided by a star it itself has constituted, which is inherently never-fully-constituted. 


Ark Work works in the name of love and as love, not just abstractly as emancipation but also locally and intrapsychically.   The notion of “Philadelphia” which is so central to the American Revolution, yet so difficult to define precisely, is its law.