We can define love as concern with someone or something not because of its ontic predicates and their desirability or usefulness for an already-existing end, but rather because of a spectral not-yet-definable characteristic, in some sense projected onto the beloved by the lover, in some sense immanent to the beloved and yet only visible to the lover, a sort of agalma  with the power to transform.


General Tremolo is simply love in this (somewhat) precise sense, instantiated as a musical technique.   The sign of love is a willingness to sacrifice - to give up certain pleasures, opportunities, roles in the name of the beloved.   


Thus Transcendental Black Metal sacrifices even black metal itself, its crypto-fascist racist aesthetics, its refusal of the European project of secular emancipation. 


Thus the secret and unspeakable true name of Transcendental Black Metal:  Christian Rap Metal