The Hyperborean Void is the subjectivating void, which is to say the void of humiliation.  Humiliation is the core of ordinary subjectivity, a wound torn by arrows of language.   The reasoning brought about by the Hyperborean Void does not know its foundation.   It can in every case be recognized by ontic attachment:  I need this particular thing, person or outcome, I need to be attached to this limited, finite source of energy that I cannot control.   


Underlying such an attachment is an un-expressed infantile fear:  "or else I will die" or "or else I will not be loved".  In reality both of these sentences are approximations.   It is really a sort of categorical imperative: simply "or else".  


The Transcendental Void is a void more originary than its Hyperborean counterpart, always obscured in the process of psychogenesis.  The Transcendental Void is itself a source of energy, a mute pain with no reference to the ontic - God's own pain, the Union of Atman with Brahman


Obedience to Transcendental Law means love of this void, and the ensuing resourceful, imaginative, unending and unfolding solution to the unanswerable problem it poses:  the Adaptive Apocalyptic Endeavor that is Ark Work