Coherence is never complete.   Many aspects of my life appear coherent to me, as long as I don’t examine them too closely.   My identity, for example - I am Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, my major claim to fame is a controversial metal band, I come from an unusual family, I’m dating this person, these other people are my friends, I’m hoping for this and that in the next year or so.   Mutually agreed upon accounts of why certain things happened, who deserves credit or blame, what is realistically possible in the political field - In all these cases, and others, there is an illusory coherence that is only possible with incomplete information.  Closer examination, experimentation and dialogue will always - if pursued with perseverance - uncover some particular datum that ruptures the illusion of coherence.   There are aspect of who I am that fracture my standard picture of myself.  These insights are always exciting and empowering, and it is an important aspect of transcendental law - especially when hopelessness, remorse or regret are in play.   Coherence always breaks down, and broken coherence is the piston for freedom.