Every important event in the world happens for multiple reasons that are in no way coordinated with one another.   There is never a single cause, and, in part because of this, there is never a single correct action to take in response to whatever event has taken place.   It takes a bit of imaginative gnosis to grasp that what's being described here is the true fabric of reality.   We like to think of reality as something solid 'out there', the universe, an abstraction that we imagine to be ontologically fundamental,  and as a result  we fail to see the reality of these 'overdetermined' events right under our noses.   Every person who reads this is in the midst of some kind of event of this kind - worrying about what the correct next step is, wondering why this or that happened, wishing it hadn't, perhaps, deliberating and ultimately deciding (with a wide range of potential coherence or incoherence).   They simply appear, and we have no choice but to respond to them, without fully understanding them, and without fully understanding what will come of our response.  

I've put a fair amount of work into crystallizing an articulate apocalyptic vision - the vision of Haelegen, the Sovereign Hierarchico-Emancipatory Individuation Municipality.   But my own vision will always be provisional (which doesn't mean I don't think it is the best and clearest).   To some degree, any apocalyptic vision will do.  The key is to be able to take action in the name of something.  Otherwise one simply reacts.   One is either ruled by the terms of the event itself (Hyperborean) or one takes up one's own law, understood and obeyed privately, and takes an experimental step in its name.   Those are the only two choices.  The latter choice always means war, because one's own vision is intrinsically at odds with whatever field of meaning one is embedded in.   

Apocalypse as the activity of a faculty, which is what the term is meant to designate here, specifically refers to the practice of strengthening one's power of imagination so as to be able to see the world through the lense of one's own vision more and more often.   It simply isnt possible to carry out an Endeavor (the pursuit of a path in the name of the apocalyptic vision across a series of events) unless one also engages in an entirely separate exercise of making and maintaining contact with one's own vision.