Most satisfaction of desire that is possible in this world has the effect of putting desire to an end.  But this supposed satisfaction is actually the opposite of what it appears to be.    Ascetics understand that their practice of renunciation or abstention from certain pleasures has nothing to with turning away from desire - on the contrary they are enhancing and intensifying it by not allowing it to discharge.   When desire is torn away from its lower objects, freed from them, it rises like a tide, pulling awareness up with it.  At a certain point one grasps that none of the objects that seem able to fulfill desire really do - all they're really doing is nipping it in the bud, preventing its true satisfaction, which is intensification and expansion.  And what would the true satisfaction be?  Joy, which is desire without an object, which is music.   The desire for true fulfillment is the  true fulfillment of desire - this formula explains how cessation and expansion could be one and the same.