Is there any difference between Lieyethe and Sheymn?  What is the nature of the primordial shock of human subjectivity?  Is it an irreducible aggressivity?  Is it anxiety?  A compulsion to prevent the repetition of a primordial unbearable encounter?   Aren't these all too determinate?   Aggression and anxiety already have subject and object in place.  Isn't it more like a kind of abyssal chaos?  But chaos is in the 3rd person - no better than the 1st person or the 2nd person - still too differentiated.   Perhaps it is simply a sort of energy - a creative, destructive blaze that is undifferentiated.  Perhaps it is differentiated into a zero-level victimhood as Sheymn and a zero-level joy as Lieyethe.  The Kabbalists knew and know that every human being is both a void and a spark.  Perhaps they cannot see, however, that this void and this spark are one and the same:  Sheymn-Lieyethe as the primordial human gesture, before the Flight of Haelegen.  After the Caul is lost and Haelegen takes flight, Sheymn-Leyethe is re-inscribed, transcendentalized as a task - connected to a Gend.  From here, Kel Valhaal and Reign Array are differentiated from one another and begin to do their work together.   What is a Gend?  A Gend is always a cultural structure built to connect-to-and-protect-from the Divine Light of HAQQ in the name of Ololon the Messiah