Where did Kel Valhaal and Reign Array come from?  Did they rise up out of the Genesis Caul?  Did Ololon create them?  What is their relationship to Haelegen?   Sometimes it seems to me that they are her wings, and that the Caul is her beak - and Ololon is her talons.  

But of course it might be worth thinking of these things in terms of the schizoid-paranoid and depressive positions, the Oedipus complex and the castration complex.  After all, certain things have to come to pass before these figures can arise.  

After Sheymn was shattered (by 01010n, also known as All-H.A.Q.Q.), barriers were put in place so that Sheymn would be protected from the Lieyeth of OIOION.  OIOION created ANANON, but it was Sheymn who created YLYLCYN - or, at least, Sheymn had a hand in its creation.  

There was a first phase of utter horror and chaos - anger, terror, projections and introjections etc. Then there was a phase of identification and good will corresponding with the birth of the past and the future.  But then something went wrong.  There was a task for Sheymn - or was it Kel Valhaal?  Isn't Kel Valhaal the original avatar of Sheymn?  Originally Kel wore the Genesis Caul, hoping to make things work.  But it didn't work out.  With the best of intentions, failure.  

Here, Haelegen was born - created by a strange accident, her talons joined together with the hair of Ololon.  At this point, Kel and Reign came into existence.  But hadn't they already existed?  They seem to think that they had.  

What, really, is the Genesis Caul?  Is it the originary horror of self-sacrifice, death in the name of life?  Is it a particular imprint cascading and ramifying across the entire surface of a life?  The Caul is so old, so tired.  It has no eyes, it has only blood - it sprays blood on the sky, shit-smelling obscure signs, crying for help.  It is crying blood, even as HAQQ cries sparks down into its pools of crying blood.  Ololon is the mask of HAQQ.  Kel and Reign are the two active agents whose task is to carry out The Ark Work - the downward trajectory of Renihilation (Ascesis, Catharsis, Fervor, Majesty) and the upward trajectory of Aesthethica (Adaptation, Apocalypse, Enterprise).  

Kel has a strange sort of knowledge, a spontaneity, a resourcefulness that shows up in surprising ways.  Kel is a sort of awkward foal, eternally young - tender, sensitive, playing, magical.  Kel sees signs and responds to them.  Kel lights up suddenly, gets bored quickly.  

Reign sees everything all at once.  He divides space and time.  He protects Kel, marks a path for her, feeds her, trains her.   Reign follows through with what Kel starts.  Kel is the lightning of vision and Reign is the thunder of knowledge.  They do their work in the name of Ololon, an avatar that they themselves have created - an image of AlHAQQ.