I had an epiphany during the cold shower I took after my hot yoga class a few hours ago.   It was about the relationship between HAQQ and OIOION.  Originally OIOION was the name for the First Alimony, but recently I have, for a variety of reasons, not been satisfied with this name and been inclined to introduce a new name to replace it: HAQQ (the reason for the dissatisfaction being that the name OIOION implicates articulation, repetition and variability - and I an not entirely willing to ascribe these features to the absolute).   Now I realize that I don't need to replace OIOION at all, however.  My current proposal is this:  HAQQ is a real, pure intensity.  Following Mulla Sadra, we wager that we are able to experience intensity directly (of an impure kind, mixed with determination), and that it follows that there is a necessary, real, self-existing pure and absolute intensity beyond all determination.  

But there is also determination - and, following Robert Cummings Neville, we suppose that the originary determination (but not posterior determinations) must be created by the original self-existing principle itself.  OIOION, then, is the originary determination that is created by HAQQ.  It is the divine Name, Word, Attribute - we could call it the hexagrammaton.   We will associate OIOION, however, with a "rule" in Stephen Wolfram's sense of the term.  Wolfram speculates that there is a single rule that, in essence, acts as a code which the entire universe is running on - underlying chaos and chance just as much as order (but does not precisely determine every event that takes place in the universe).  All the content of both mathematics and physics (and biology, sociology, psychology) are posterior to this rule.  In principle, we could one day discover it (according to his theory).  

Note that HAQQ determines OIOION unilaterally: OIOION does not reflect back on HAQQ in any way.  Much more needs to be said about all of these points (and possibly revised) but we can work with this as a direction to explore for now.