If HAQQ outstrips even the most originary determinations of it, how do those determinations come about?  HAQQ has to generate them itself, but they have to be generated at the same time by and as a primordial traumatized thinking being, traumatized only by the fact that it is not itself HAQQ and does not know this,  or at any rate isn't able to think it.   It's easy to see how this theory performs the same radicalization of Deleuze that Deleuze performs on Hegel.   Deleuze evacuates representation from his dialectic and develops a replacement in terms of, basically, biology.   There is good reason for this, since our apparatus for representation was evolved and is not absolute.  But since biological (and generally "macro") existence isn't absolute either, it would make sense to evacuate this also.  But then what are the new terms in which we recast the dialectic?  Computation? Or are we eliding the question of objective cosmogony and turning it into an epistemology?   The yearning is for something that is neither objective or subjective.   Computation actually has this character, however - it is simultaneously thought and being