Some philosophers suppose that the birth of the world took place according to a sort of Kleinian model of psychogenesis:  there was a terrifying world of whirling drives, and then - because the pain was too great -  a primordial contraction yoking them under a Word, repressing aspects, yielding temporality with the disguised repetition of these repressed elements.   


If there is anything to this picture, the question remains:  why was there a terrifying world of whirling drives?  Aren't we required to look beyond this to a primordial shevirat?  A shattering, which was the result of a cosmic wager gone wrong, yielding a vortex of chaos?


There is a subterfuge in calling the pre-Word vortex a void.  Void implies nothingness.  But the vortex is not a nothingness at all - it is positively teeming with difference and activity.   Therefore it explains nothing. 

Where then do we find absolute nothingness?  This is the void that God imagined and then accidentally shattered.  Prior to the vortex there was a true void, and prior to the true void there was a perfect light. 


...but then why was there a perfect light