In the name of what?  Let me quickly gloss eschatology once more.   It feels like one needs to fight for the right to name eschatology as a legitimate category of thought.    Of course, eschatology is legitimate in monotheist thought (Christian, Jewish, Muslim).   While I'm interested in these threads of human culture, I think that the damage done to their presuppositions by the rise of the scientific image is decisive.   Nevertheless, much like the cosmogonical question, eschatology persists.   The most legitimized way to think of a decisive (and perhaps glorious) end to human history is in terms of some kind of post-human era.  We upload our consciousnesses or we generate photosynthetic immortal bodies for ourselves and all the dead whose genomes we can access.   What I'm most concerned with on the topic of eschatology is the implied punctuation mark of desire.  There is a virtual endpoint to activity - satisfaction is almost always in the name of a relative means to a greater end.    Anyway,  there is a space for eschatology which is neither the dogma of a particular religion nor the secularized tragic poetry of the WWII era.  Much like the cosmogonical case - basic awareness of the eschatological dimension is itself a huge step