Prometheanism and messianism are generally opposed as incompatible attitudes.   While messianism would be an awaiting for an advent which we do not have the power to catalyze or even perhaps conceive of, prometheanism takes on the power and responsibility of creating this outcome.  

The choice of one of these options of the the other (assuming onehas any attitude at all towards this question) hinges on one's attitude towards reason.   One either has faith in reason's power to, if used properly, satisfy all desires and put injustice to an end, or one believes that over-emphasis on reason is a self-destructive hubris, gesturing towards World War II as its culmination.    Messianism is more mysterious - at its minimum, though, it requires a non-human agency.  It requires a response.  

The two, however, are in fact compatible - and neither alone is sufficient.   In short - reason alone, as we currently understand it, is not enough.  What is required is an experimental coordination between reason, drama and music - a society-wide effort to allow new forms and affects to proliferate in the name of egalitarian self-transformation.   Many of these enterprises may fail, but ultimately the outcome has to be a response, a moment of grace.